New Board

Our New Board. Sri. Shajikumar. Chairman Sri. Justin Wills J L – Vice Chairman Sri. Samuel Mathew – Secretary Adv. Chandran K – Member Sri. Dineshan T – Member Sri. Ponnappan C K – Member Sri. Prakash M – Member Sri. Sankaranarayanan C – Member Sri. Antony Rose -Member Er. Francis E J, FIE – Member Dr. Prem Shanker -Member

Idea Challenge Season II-Winners

The year long process of presentation of Ideas, Scrutiny, evaluation and selection of potential ideas concluded and declared the awards. First Prize    : Auto Pill Rs. 15000/- and Citation presented by Sri. Abdul Hafis and Sri. Muhammed Sahad M. S, KMEA ENGINEERING COLLEGE, Edathala, Aluva Second Prize  : Automated Cylinder Monitoring System (ACMS) Rs. 10000/- and Citation                        

Webinar series-3. Latest Trends in Textile Designing

We are concluding the Design Competition-UPCYCLE. The selected designs will be announced by Sri. K Sudhir, Director of Handloom and Textiles, Government of Kerala at 11 am on 30-01-2021. As a part of the event a webinar on Latest trends in Textile Designing is scheduled for the benefit of the Handloom sector in Kerala. Prof. R. S Jayadeep, NIFT Kannur, Smt. Mukthi Sumangala, Asst. Prof. NIFT, Kannur, Smt Hiba Mariam,


Kerala the God’s own Country, with the Arabian Sea on the west, the Western Ghats towering the East and networked by fortyfour rivers enjoys unique geographic features such as long shoreline with serene beaches, tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters, lush hill stations and exotic wildlife, waterfalls, sprawling plantations and paddy fields, equable climate, ayurvedic health holidays, enchanting art forms, magical festivals and historic and cultural monuments make it more sought-after

Design Development for Traditional Sector

Different from the other two forms of endeavours, the design development for tradition will be an altogether a different extension of SAMRAMBHAK MITHRA. The main objectives of the Design Development for Tradition will be Research new ways for improving on traditional Design, in fields such as Handloom, handicraft and so on Infusing the existing methods with new modern techniques, or combining aspects of both to create something new altogether Support

Waste Management Projects

SAMRAMBHAK MITHRA’s secondary concern is waste management and in response we have initiated variant projects and schemes, which focuses on Implanting nature friendly compost pits and enacting seminars/workshops for proper waste disposal/management, also our organisation aims at promoting recycling of organic material which can be later used in agrictural activities, the end goal is for rural areas to achieve a statute of self sufficiency