Technology Clinics

Technology Clinics is a unique initiative of Samrambhak Mithra. Technology Clinics aims at providing a venue for peer learning and dissemination of latest technology amongst MSME and start ups. Clinics act as a resource hub, where-in everyone can contribute and also get support. Technology Clinics will be supported by both offline and online mode to enable fast and free collaboration.

Centre of Technology Development

Now the centre for technology and development is another phase of groundwork for setting up an institution for research and analysis the centre will aim at devising new methods, in Agricultural sector, Ethnic industries, all focused on aspects like Production methods, Increase yield, and so forth The aim of Centre of Technology Development will be to boost commercial potential on macro industries by researching new technologies and improving on the

School of Entrepreneurial Studies

The school as it is termed, will focused on educating and certifying, candidates in entrepreneurial studies, in respect to variant fields of commerce and administration, the school is deemed to be a functioning institute where excellence is the key motto, SAMRAMBHAK MITHRA aims at training and honing entrepreneurs who wish to catch knowledge of different dimensions of   Entrepreneurship. Short term programmes on latest amendments in rules, schemes, projects and modules

Finishing School

Finishing school is yet another endeavour of SAMRAMBHAK MITHRA here we aim at including the younger generation into our work sphere. Finishing schools will act as centers of excellence for those who wish to step up to their success and would require the support of SAMRAMBHAK MITHRA

Turnkey projects

SAMRAMBHAK MITHRA’s turnkey projects aim at revitalising the macro industries from the ground up, moreover the turnkey projects aim at improving the backward factions of macro industry entrepreneurs, mainly focusing on those who practice ethnic factions of micro industry works, SAMRAMBHAK MITHRA’s wishes to encourage more people into micro industries


Exhibitions are organised to enrich general public and also to get the feedback of customers. Exhibitions are organised in all part of Kerala to promote and enrich the community with the activities of Samrambhak Mithra


Researchers from around the world present their cutting-edge work at the seminars organised by Samrambhak Mithra jointly with International and National agencies. Seminar focuses on all areas of Industry & Technology.